One More Step

“This book is great for evaluating every necessary aspect of your life that will need to be in order for the future; the constant humor is also a bonus.”
Sophia W.

This book is the perfect resource for every family. I had never thought of so much of the info in this book as being vital for loved ones to have after a death in the family, but after reading this book I’m so glad that I’ve begun to compile this stuff for those around me. The convenience of Jerry’s book is amazing, it’s great to have all of this in one place so that it’s not just floating around in filing cabinets and random drawers. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone! Everyone needs this kind of record to pass along!
Anna G.

“This workbook was a complete guide to life. It made me examine all aspects of my life, including financial, estate planning, burial, medical, insurance, etc. I thought I had my affairs in order, but clearly, they are in the order that I am used to, not an order that anyone else could utilize. This is a great tool that everyone should use to take an inventory (physically, financially and emotionally) of their lives.”
K. Garroway

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