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What Is
My “Everything” File®?

The My Everything File is designed to create for it’s users a  comprehensive document containing almost everything you would want your loved ones to know about you, enabling them to take care of you and, if needed, handle your affairs if you become unable to do so yourself, whether due to illness, disability, dementia, stroke, incapacity, extended absence, or death. Discussing death and incapacitation is never easy, but the sooner we do, the more prepared we will be when the moment comes. Whether it’s legal, medical or financial, the My Everything File accounts for it.

What Does My “Everything” File® Cover?

  • Getting Started & Organized
  • Creating A Filing System
  • Security Concerns, Passwords, Identity & Common Sense
  • Resources for lost money from past loved ones
  • Your Legacy on Video
  • Getting Ready for An Estate Planner
  • The Estate Planning Process
  • Estate Planning Documents
  • Planning Your Funeral (so your loved ones don’t have to)
  • Survivor Checklist
  • Things to do in case of emergency
  • All About You & Your Family
  • Cataloging Your Assets
  • Cataloging Your Debts
  • Providing  For Your Loved Ones
  • Business Responsibilities
  • Real Estate  Interests
  • All the things you never thought about too…