Do you know what would happen to your loved ones if you suddenly died?

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Would they know what to do with your business?

How to access your financial information, passwords, etc? 

Would they remember the pivotal moments in your life & be able to share your beloved stories & experiences with others?

Or would they be horribly stressed out, digging through all of your stuff, praying that you wrote something down, somewhere, that could help them!

While they try to sort out all of the little details of your life – all on top of grieving the loss of you?

Unfortunately common scenario, isn’t it.

Thankfully, My Everything File®️ is available to solve this problem.

This incredibly comprehensive workbook, based on the Best-Seller MY EVERYTHING FILE®️, will help you organize your affairs, in detail, without having to spend thousands in legal fees! 

It is designed to make this transition as smooth as possible for your loved ones, and is soooo easy to complete, all you have to do is follow along.

Trust me, if you do this, your loved ones will be soooo grateful to you (instead of cursing you) when you go. 

The Story Behind
My “Everything” File®

It was an overcast day while driving from Tampa to Sarasota on I – 75 but nothing out of the ordinary. Traffic was steady but as I got closer to Tampa, the roads got wetter and suddenly, the skies seemed to open as it began to pour. Visibility was cut to zero and driving become difficult. With the increasing rain, I tapped the brake pedal to disengage the cruise control to slow down but as I hit the brakes, my car began hydroplaning. I found myself sliding sideways off the interstate at 70 miles per hour into a patch a grass towards some trees separating north and southbound I-75. I had lost complete control of the vehicle on a busy interstate, so I turned my head from the incoming impact and hoped for the best. What I assume were moments later, I opened my eyes and was relieved because my vehicle was slowing down – I thought I avoided impact but when I turned my head to see the passenger side of the car, it was completely smashed in. If someone was sitting there, I doubt they would have survived.

As the shock wore off, all I could think about was how fortunate I had been to be alive, but what if I hadn’t been? What if I had been killed?

I had the basics in place like my Last Will and Testament, but there was so much else left up in the air.

I designated my brother as my successor Trustee and Personal Representative but there was so much I never discussed with him such as where my important documents were located, whether I had made pre-paid funeral arrangements, passwords to get into encrypted files on my computer or even where the 10,000 or so family photos were.

I needed to make sure all of these important things weren’t lost if something happened to me.

So, with the memory of my near tragic car crash fresh in my mind, I set out to create a comprehensive guide and workbook to help prepare loved ones with all the information someone might need to handle their affairs. Thus, The My Everything File was born.